Helping organisations maximise return from multi-party investments.

SAM delivers uplift in business worth through managed, long-term contracts with loyal, committed, and trusted business partners.

SAM Technology

SAM Technology

Solutions AM have developed unique technology to increase return from solutions, projects and relationships.

Whether you are a solution user or solution provider your investment will be protected and return enhanced by Solutions AM.

From quick-start, low-cost Apps to multi-solution full scale implementations with consulting services, Solutions AM technology will deliver insight and return within hours.

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Find out more about SAM Technology and our Quick Start programme by downloading our Overview Brochure.

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Expert and experienced in all aspects of business solutions, SolutionsAM helps user and provider organisations realise best RoI and create long, strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

If you're a user about to adopt a solution or have one performing poorly then SolutionsAM will help protect your investment.

For providers SolutionAM will help uplift base revenues, increase client profitability and reduce retention risk. Thereby maximising return on the investment made to win clients.

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What our clients say:

“Within 6 hours of initial feedback through SAM we understood how project technical issues were impacting morale and what was considered a small grumble was more significant. We were able to react quickly on a problem about to become a major and expensive issue. We would never have been exposed to this at a senior level without SAM”

Managing Director, myBench

“The beauty of SAM is that I get the bad news before it becomes a problem. We can then manage situations across business partners without costly and relationship damaging crisis management”

CEO, Fanlogic

“With SAM I can assess and prove the worth of our solutions without interrupting day to day activities of the teams. Through SAM dashboards I can head off any issues to protect our client base, revenues and resource plans”

Sales Director, DBS Data