Business overview

Solutions AM benefits from almost 100-man years of founders’ experience in the delivery of IT based business solutions. Rick Pollitt and Brian Preece have specialised in solution design, development, sales, implementation and support, for both Providers and Users at executive, management and operational levels.

Almost 100-man years of experience and expertise in creation, sales and operation of Strategic IT based Business Solutions.

One single business pain has been consistently encountered which is that multi-party, strategic, operationally led solutions breakdown when they fail to deliver return on investment to every participant. This leads to wasted investment, for user and provider companies alike, whilst resulting delays to strategy and innovation impact growth objectives.

Multi-party, strategic, operationally led solutions break-down when they fail to deliver return on investment to every participant.

Having recognised the cause, understood the reasons and formulated the resolution, Rick and Brian set out to make it a reality and Solutions AM was formed in 2017. The approach was to create a low-cost, non-intrusive technology to replicate and automate the high-cost, resource driven remedies adopted for mission critical business solutions. Then to apply Solutions AM technology to complex, strategic solutions for which investment in high-cost business consulting services cannot be justified.

Solutions AM provide low-cost, non-intrusive technology to imitate and automate costly resource driven remedies applied to mission critical solutions.

As the Solutions AM (SAM) technology was developed more and more applications of the capability became clear. So, along with the management of complex, strategic solutions SAM can be used to oversee projects, teams, sales bids, investments and much more.

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