Brian Preece entered the IT industry in the early 1970’s and continues to enjoy success in the design, development and provision of IT based business solutions.

Brian continues to build his wealth of experience in designing and delivering IT based business solutions through his expertise in many leading technologies in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Brian can advise on the design of new applications, troubleshoot problematic systems and offer guidance on the merits of new and emerging technologies.

Software Development

Whether you want to develop an app for a mobile device, interface apps with back-end business systems, create interactive enterprise wide applications or implement complex business logic, Brian has probably done it before.

Many years’ experience in managing development teams and running programmes combined with an intimate knowledge of development tools allows Brian to bring you robust, quality-controlled solutions that are delivered on time, within budget and incorporate agreed and defined capability.

User Interface Design

A quality User Interface has been one of Brian’s obsessions since the arrival of Windows, the web and mobile apps. The huge palette of knobs, buttons, sliders and graphics to scatter liberally over creations brings many pit-falls, obstacles and decisions all of which results in delays, re-development and usage issues when
not handled properly.

But User Interface Design (UID) is not about whether to use a drop-down list or a radio-set on a screen, it’s not even really about software.

Almost everything we interact with has a user interface, whether it’s a door, a kitchen appliance, a road sign or a complex machine. UID begins with understanding who the users are, what they need to achieve, how often they use it and what the KPI’s are for a successful design. Brian has applied these principles to many UID projects, large and small, bring value through UI quality and cost.

Vendor Selection

Choosing the provider for any solution is always full of risk. Whether it be hardware, packaged software, integration partner, services delivery or development partner, vendors’ sales teams are highly skilled in making the most of their companies’ strengths and disguising their weaknesses.

Brian’s is adept and experienced in validating and disentangling the claims of competing vendors. Experience has allowed development of techniques such as benchmarks, a deep knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of technologies and an insightful questioning of references process.

Alongside that expertise, SAM’s Selection tool is a valuable aid in managing any selection process. SAM ensures that each criterion is measured only by those qualified to, that “outlier” opinions are highlighted and that the collective decision-making process is documented for future use, either in a contract review or operational dispute.

Brian’s expertise and SAM’s automation of selection processes will always deliver a properly considered investment decision made by the right people with the right skills to deliver the right objectives.

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