Rick Pollitt – Founder

With over 40 years’ experience in the Information Technology sector Rick has successfully delivered roles at Executive, Management and Operational levels in Solution Provider and Solution User companies.

Whether leading ‘start-up’ companies or growing divisions in global organisations, recognising how strategies and solutions will deliver return has led to success in delivering expectations from many multi-£m investments.

The ability to identify value in business change, createstrategy, assess risk and build complex, innovative, multi-party solutions has been key to Rick’s success.

Combining that ability with proven business process, strong leadership skills and business partner management rick has consistently delivered shareholder value to clients, partners and his own organisations.

Since retiring from employed roles in 2017 Rick has focused on leading the development and launch of an innovative SaaS software business and working with 3rd party organisations in consultative roles.

Brian Preece – Founder

During Brian’s 40 years plus experience in IT he has worked with, and mastered, many industry leading technologies. He remains a full-time system designer and developer and continues to adopt the latest tools and techniques for modern day applications. Brian also works with development tool providers to help them remain at the forefront of capability.

After early work in Real Time Systems and then in commercial software, Brian formed his own software development company in the early 80s. He grew this company to one of the leading providers of Food Wholesaling and Retailing Solutions.

In 2014 Brian sold his interest in his business to spend more time as a developer and consultant. In 2017 Brian
joined forces with Rick to build SAM, a solution to ease many of the pains Brian had encountered in his career as a solution provider.

To complement his expertise in system, database and UI design, Brian’s technical skills span the full range of techniques needed to create modern applications including handheld devices such as bar code readers and printers, enterprise in-house applications, robust and scalable back end systems, web development and web apps, mobile apps and hybrid web/ mobile apps.

Brian is a frequent speaker at technical conferences in the UK, Europe and the USA.