SAM Complete delivers the full Solutions AM capability inclusive of Selection and Sentiment applications. It is complimented by training, implementation, support and consultancy services designed to deliver benefits within hours and be fully operation within weeks.


SAM Complete is ideal for:

  • A strategic, high visibility solution, project or relationship
  • Long-term projects and muti-year commitments
  • Complex, multi-party solutions and projects
  • Inexperienced operational teams
  • Solutions or projects with high resource needs
  • Compliance and governance monitoring


  • Sentiment & Selection capability
  • Select, Build, Operate & Review modules
  • Advanced KPI management
  • Document storage & retrieval
  • Dynamic solution templates
  • Automated steering & reporting
  • In-solution messaging & broadcasting
  • Data output for bespoke reporting​


  • Joint, multi-party planning
  • Clarity on strategy and development
  • Application of account disciplines
  • Effective and consistent communications
  • Stronger and more committed relationships
  • Delivery of objectives, strategies and innovation

Resulting in

  • Reduced Operating Cost through jointly funded R&D and improved resource management
  • Increased Revenue through multi-party focus on change, strategy and innovation
  • Reduced Operational Risk through long-term commitment from trusted partners
  • Increased Profits through more accurate and longer term planning


Uplift in Business worth through managed, long-term contracts with loyal, committed, and trusted business partners.

Priced from £99.99 per user per month SAM Complete provides un-intrusive, low-resource solution management.

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