SAM Selection is a quick start application allowing selection of new or replacement solutions as part of a managed process with authorised criteria, ease of review, simple feedback and insightful sign-off.

SAM Selection is ideal for:

  • Large or small selection processes
  • Management led / Exec sign-off selections
  • High business disruption  on failure
  • Complex responder structure


  • Multiple scorers and responders per selection process
  • Category and sub-topic configuration
  • Real-time scoring with high, low and average comparisons
  • Rules driven RAG reporting against other scorers
  • Own score comparison of responders and other scorers
  • Selection sign-off comparison dashboard
  • Data output for bespoke reporting​


  • Consistent and authorised selection criteria
  • Differing opinions identified for discussion
  • Uncertainty highlighted by score range
  • Simple in and post-selection feedback to responders
  • Comparison KPI’s for selection sign-off
  • Retention of selection results for reviews and renewals

Resulting in

  • Reduced Operating Cost through less repeat selections and more insighful negotiations
  • Increased Revenue through higher quality selections delivering objectives, strategies and innovation
  • Reduced Operational Risk through higher quality selections against authorised criteria
  • Increased Profits through longer, stronger relationships focused on joint growth

Uplift in Business worth through managed, long-term contracts with loyal, committed, and trusted business partners.

Priced at £19.99 per user per month SAM Selection offers a low-cost tool to increase quality of selection decisions.

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