SAM Sentiment is a quick start application that will create insight, communication and focus within any solution, project or relationship within hours of its adoption.

SAM Sentiment is ideal for:

  • A quick introduction of SAM
  • Solutions or projects in crisis
  • Interim monitoring
  • High maintenance relationships
  • Upgrade or renewal review


  • Always on sentiment logging
  • Automated notification of sentiment change
  • Real-time comment logging and audit
  • Simple KPI dashboard
  • Rules driven complacency logging
  • Data output for bespoke reporting​


  • All level engagement
  • Prompt issue identification
  • Un-intrusive management
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Evidenced relationship status
  • Non-confrontational resolution

Resulting in

  • Reduced Operating Cost through less crisis management
  • Increased Revenue through focus on growth
  • Reduced Operational Risk through increased engagement
  • Increased Profits through achievement of objectives


Uplift in Business worth through managed, long-term contracts with loyal, committed, and trusted business partners.

Priced at £19.99 per user per month SAM Sentiment offers a low-cost, high-speed resolution to problem solutions, projects or relationships.

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